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Children's Creativity Carousel

Description: The carousel outside Children's Creativity Museum is not one to be missed! Although it is definitely not the cheapest merry-go-round in town, it does have the best views! The carousel is posted across from Yerba Buena Gardens on 4th street and has views of the busy downtown area via the glass windows all around the carousel. The carousel started out in what used to be called Playland at the Beach, a boardwalk style strip located at San Francisco's Ocean Beach. It has moved around many times since it's closing but now it is back in the heart of San Francisco for all to enjoy! The admission is $4 for two consecutive rides and $3 with paid admission to the museum. 

Highlights: The carousel has been restored so it's in very good shape. I have been on some carousels that are in desperate need of an upgrade- this one is very pristine and has fun views of the city out of the glass windows.

Tips: If you go to the museum too the ticket price is a little cheaper. Also inside of the museum courtyard is an awesome park that you can play at for free if spending any more money at the museum is not on your list. You can really just make a good day of it playing at the playground and going on the carousel.

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