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Cedar Rose Park


Description: Cedar Rose Park in Berkeley is a nice place to spend a day in the sun. This park is perfect for birthday parties, baby showers, and soccer games- all of which are regularly happening throughout the weekends. This park is very toddler friendly with one part of it completely enclosed. There is a cute little bridge with tunnels underneath for playing hide and seek in. About three separate play structures throughout the park. 

Sprawling lawns with so much room for events or games. There are also BBQ pits and picnic tables for parties. The park can get pretty hot midday or in the middle of summer with very limited shade so bring hats and sunscreen. Visiting the park earlier in the day or later may save you some relief from the heat. Or bring some water balloons and guns and have a water fight on the lawns.

Highlights: I love that this park sits right on the Ohlone pathway, it is super accessible via biking. I like to bike over with my baby. Great park for birthdays, we had our daughter's third birthday there and it was great: BBQ pits, enclosed area for the kids to run around in, plenty of room for a jumpy tent to be set up- it was perfect!

Tips: Bathrooms are terrible! Try to go before you get there, if you must use the facilities bring hand sanitizer and maybe your own toilet paper. 

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