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Castle Rock Arabians

  • Location: 1350 Castle Rock Rd. Walnut Creek, CA 94598

  • Phone: 925-933-3701

  • Website:

  • Pricing: $$-$$$ (Check Groupon)

  • Hours: 7 Days a week, 9am- 4pm


Description: As with many little girls, my daughter had an obsession for awhile with horses and really wanted to ride one! Horse back riding lessons can be pretty pricey so when I found a good deal on Groupon at this place- I jumped on it! This is a nice place out in the heart of country land in Walnut Creek. The stable staff is very friendly and eager to teach your child what they need to know about caring for and getting your horse ready to ride. There are also mini horses if your child is not ready to jump on the big ones yet. My daughter had a few lessons with the smaller (very mild mannered) horses, before she felt comfortable enough to ride the big ones. But over the course of 5-6 lessons she did ride the big ones! They also offer Summer and Day camps for when your child is off of school. My daughter joined one of their Day camps on a day that school was closed and really enjoyed herself. They got to paint and then wash a horse-what fun!


Highlights: There is a comfortable area for parents to sit and watch their children ride under the shade. It is nice to give young children the option of starting on the smaller horses before venturing on to the bigger ones which can look very intimidating. Day camp was fun for her, but a little bit hard to access because we live far... A great idea for locals though!


Tips: If you do not live on that side of the Caldecott tunnel (like us) then make a day of visiting Walnut Creek! We would always go have brunch in downtown Walnut Creek afterwards or go do something in Concord to make our trip all the way out there worth more than one horse back riding lesson.


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