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Berkeley Marina


Description: The Berkeley Marina is  always an exciting spot to get outside and in touch with nature. The Berkeley Marina is home to Adventure playground, a few fine dining restaurants, and an endless possibility of places for children to run and play. The marina has rolling grassy hills and high winds perfect for kite flying (or attempting to fly a kite, like we do). My daughter loves running in the wind along the winding paths, and rolling down the grassy hills. It is a great place for a walk as there are many paths that take you in various places along the shoreline. It is also an optimal backdrop for taking pictures, from the ocean, to the hills and trees- either way you turn the setting is picturesque! Being very unsatisfied with the maternity pictures we took at a "professional" picture store, we decided to take our own pics and we went down to the Berkeley Marina and were very happy with the results!


Highlights: Once a year during the summer months the Berkeley Marina hosts a whole weekend event of kite flying and family fun- The Berkeley Kite Festival. Usually takes place at the end of July, and is so much fun for the whole family. There are jumpy tents, food vendors, pony rides, and the biggest most beautiful array of kites you've ever seen!


Tips: If you are planning on attending the Berkeley Kite Festival- GET THERE EARLY!!!!! I cannot stress this enough! It gets crowded, really crowded- I'm talking an hour just finding parking and getting off the freeway- get there early!

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