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Beach on Frontage Road in Berkeley

  • Location: Beach between the University and Ashby exits on Frontage Road in Berkeley

  • Pricing: Free

  • Hours: All day, every day


Description:  I've tried googling multiple times where I was to give a better address or maybe a name to this place- but so far I have come up with nothing! All I can say is that there is a small little beach area between the University and Ashby exit (closer to Ashby) on Frontage road in Berkeley. There is a very popular running/ biking path that runs along the side of it- the Bay trail which stretches for a few miles. In all my years of living life in the Bay Area I have to say I had barely noticed it or given it a second glance before. But on New Year's Eve I was driving around trying to find a place that was open for my daughter to play at. Adventure Playground was not open, so we were driving away trying to figure out where to go and we were rolling by this small beach area. It was so bright and beautiful out I just happened to notice some people walking on the beach with their dogs and I thought- Let's go there! It turned out to be a lovely time that we had. It was sunny and warm, the dog and my daughter got to run freely and chase waves, and me and my baby sat basking in the sun with a wonderful view of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco. It was a win-win for everyone! I was so happy we had stumbled on this site, and it was extra awesome because it seemed like not many people knew about it (I didn't for 31 years)- so we almost had the whole stretch of beach to ourselves.


Highlights: It is a close place for a beach trip- right off of the highway. Good place to take kids and dogs for a walk or run off some energy.


Tips: Bring a towel or blanket to sit on, sunglasses, and sand toys. I never leave home without my picnic blanket- it is so handy and always comes in good use!

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