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Bayview Harvest Festival


Description: Sometimes that rare event comes along where you can have fun, be in the community, and enjoy everything for free! Bayview Harvest Festival is that rare event. We were able to enjoy a whole day of fun for free! Free jumpy tent, free pony rides, free petting zoo, free face painting, free entertainment, art, and more. Usually going to an event like this with two kids would cost somewhere near $20-$30, so it was so nice to enjoy this whole day for free. My youngest daughter spent most of her time petting the baby pigs and goats in the petting zoo. While my oldest went on the jumpy tent obstacle course probably 20 times. Both of them got the most amazing face paintings for free. There was even a neighborhood community garden giving away free vegetables. The art mobile was there in full effect. Performers including women on stilts and acrobats were there giving a free performance. My youngest got was so excited to go on a pony ride. There was food and refreshments to purchase if wanted. The whole festival was right on the water, such a good time! 

Highlights: Free what is better than free? Nothing! The best things in life are free and this festival was the best.

Tips: Get here on time, the festival is only 3 hours long- goes by fast with all there is to do. 

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