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Baker Beach


Description: It sort of amazes me that I spent my whole childhood growing up in the Bay Area and never visited this beach until I was in my thirties. This is the most scenic beach I have been to in the Bay. It is literally right  under the Golden Gate Bridge so the pictures that will come from your visit are all gonna have a beautiful backdrop. When we went there to visit we got there at 10 in the morning- it may seem early but there was plenty of parking, a minimal crowd, and the sun wasn't too high that we needed sunscreen yet. So to me it was perfect timing. The waves were mild and foamy and my daughter had a wild romp running through all the white foam in her white dress. Since it was not too populated at this time we were able to  enjoy the quiet of the waves without 100 screaming families. It was really beautiful and I loved to take every shot I could with the Golden Gate Bridge so close in the background.


Highlights: Three words- Golden Gate Bridge! So picturesque! So beautiful!


Tips: Bring back up clothes!!! I had an epic fail as a mom. I brought extra clothes for the baby (as we do everywhere) and totally blanked out bringing a second set for my very tactile older daughter who loves to touch, roll, fall down, and wade in the sand and water. Needless  to say once the fun of running in waves and rolling in sand was over I had a very unhappy and wet little girl.

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