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Astro Park


Description: Astro Park in Oakland's Lakeshore district was in need of a desperate makeover and they just got one! As patrons of the Grand Lake Farmers Market, I have always wondered why Astro Park was so run down looking. It is a very visible park located in a very busy part of town. Many families use it while walking from activities, to restaurants, to shop, to the weekly Saturday farmers market. So why did the city of Oakland have this eyesore of a park sitting for all to see in such a heavily traveled section? I don't know, but they finally did something about it! My family was very excited to see when they were in the construction process. When we saw it under construction for the first time, the first thing me and my husband said was "they are finally fixing that park!" Thank goodness! And oh the remarkable difference a face lift makes! The park looks fantastic now! Everything looks new, clean, fun, and inviting. There are some new interesting attractions like the drums and updated play structure. Also my older daughter got right on top of this contraption that twirls around like an old school merry-go-round. That's where all the big kids could be found, it was like nothing I have ever seen. The big kids were all on top spinning around while a nice parent pushed from below. The original astro is still there for kids to climb on and I think the swings are the same but everything else they updated at the park including the benches for parents makes a big difference. It is a must to go check out!

Highlights: Everything is new and clean. The park looks great they did a really nice job! My oldest daughter liked the big spinning thing and was on it for about 30 minutes, that was her highlight.

Tips: Go on a Saturday so you can walk over to the Farmer's Market. Also picnic blanket, balls, and hand sanitizer are a good idea to keep handy. 

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