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Ashby Flea Market

  • Location: Ashby Bart Station Parking Lot, 3100 Adeline St. Berkeley CA (Between Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Adeline, and Ashby Streets)

  • Phone: 510-644-0744

  • Website:

  • Pricing: Free to get in (vendors $-$$)

  • Hours:  Every Saturday and Sunday 7am-6pm


Description: Fun destination spot for good food, eclectic jewelry, creative art, cheap sunglasses, and everything in between! This is a fun place to bring your children where they can be entranced in to dance by the drum circle, get cheap toys and clothes, and something yummy to fill their tummies. My daughter loves to come here and spend her $5 she may have saved. $5 goes a long way here too! One of my top stop spots is the $5 sunglasses stand where you can get 4 pairs of stylish sunglasses for just $20- what a deal, as much as I break or loose mine. Plus they have all the latest styles and you don't have to choose just one because they are so affordable. There are so many stands from Tibetan to African offering unique and affordable jewelry. I love buying earrings here- so many choices! For some food my daughter always gets a hot dog and kettle corn while I visit my favorite Caribbean stand- Daniel's.


Highlights: Go try Daniel's Caribbean food! Love their roti's and fried fish (before I went Vegan). The wait is well worth it!


Tips: Parking in the lot of the flea market is next to impossible, go find close street parking but pay careful attention to the signs posted on Saturday's so you don't have an unsightly green parking ticket when you reunite with your vehicle.

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