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Albany Bowl

  • Location: 540 San Pablo Ave, Albany, CA 94706

  • Phone: 510-526-8818

  • Website:

  • Pricing: $$

  • Hours: M,T,F,SAT 9am-2am, W,TH,SUN 9am-1am

Description: When I was younger this was the bowling alley to go to! In fact I didn't even know about another one. To this day you can still have a great time taking your  children there. Albany Bowl has a lot of lanes so you can usually easily get a lane. If you have to wait there are arcade games with my favorite basketball hoops, pool tables, a full restaurant, and a full bar- so lots of options to keep you occcupied! There is fun music playing in the alley as well as in the evening and for parties they dim the lights and there is fun glowing in the dark. If you can only go one round of bowling you can spend more time playing one of their many other type of games in the arcade, basketball, pool, air hockey, etc. If you get hungry or want an adult beverage you can order up some food or a drink to your lane and have them bring it to you. Albany Bowl is great for kids parties as well as adults!  

Highlights: It's so much more than just bowling! There are plenty of different amusements to keep your children's interests as well as your adults.

Tips: Bring socks! To bowl you must have socks but if you forget don't fret because they have a vending machine with them- but they are pricey for socks! Also check Groupon before you go- they are almost always listed on Groupon.

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