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Adventure Playground


Description: Gotta love Berkeley, nowhere else in the Bay Area can you find a playground such as this one! Adventure playground is a unique gem located at the Berkeley Marina. I frequented this spot as a child on many field trips, and now I love taking my daughter here! This is truly one of the my daughter's favorite spots to go play because kids can let their imaginations soar and there is nothing that is really off limits! It's like a big free wood shop. Children can build with hammer and nails, paint, and stack recycled items up to make new buildings. They can let their imagination run free as they climb and swing through built forts and houses. A giant webbed rope in the middle of the playground is fun for climbing, rolling, and spider pretending. Every child loves the zip line! Children over the age of 6 (but really that just look 6) can climb up a structure and wait their turn to ride down the zip line. All the kids squeal with joy as they go down and land in a sand pile. It is great because the child who rides down has to bring it back to the top and pass it off to the next child- which teaches turn taking, responsibility, and sharing. My daughter loves the zip line, but even more than that she likes rolling down the dirt hill inside a giant tube. It is the funniest thing to watch! My daughter has made some friends to play with here every time (well she makes friends everywhere- that's the kind of kid she is) but especially here because everything is so interactive that children naturally come together to work together on getting things done. They help each other get the tube up the hill and then take turns rolling down in it. I love seeing her play in this type of environment and getting down and dirty while she enjoys herself.


Highlights: Every kid loves the zip line! Also it's located in the Marina, so plenty of parking and a great chance to take a nice stroll by the water before or afterwards!


Tips: Send your kids in clothes and shoes you do not care about because they will get completely dirty!

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