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Adventure Kinderland


Description: Adventure Kinderland in Richmond is a fun way for kids to get heir energy out while having a fun time climbing and sliding around in an inside play area so it is perfect for a wet or overcast day. This children's play gym is designed more with younger children in mind, 10 and under I believe is what they list. We visited Adventure Kinderland on a week day during Winter Break. It was not crowded at all and my kids pretty much had the whole run of things plus or minus a couple other kids that my oldest one befriended and got in to a ball fight with. The slide into the ball pit kind of takes the cake for what my children were most interested in the whole time they were there. Both of them probably slid down the slide into the ball pit over twenty times. The ball pit was just right for making ball angels and tossing them at other friends. My oldest daughter just liked to plow her body around the balls moving them out of the way. There was a toddler section that my baby ventured into and she seemed to appreciate the room dedicated to her age and strengths. The place seems very clean and tidy, even the bathroom. On a nice day I know there is a backyard with a go-cart and other outdoor activities which we did not get the chance to experience (but it looked fun). In the main room there is a large padded climbing structure for lots of monkeying around. After an hour and a half or so of playtime both my girls had a bunch of fun and were worn out- perfect! 

Highlights: Everything seems really clean. Ball pits are always questionable but this one looked very clean and judging by the rest of the place, it was. My girls loved the slide into the ball pit the most and spent most of their time of our visit there. 

Tips: Check Groupon- I got a great deal for both of my daughters and saved at least $4 a ticket. 

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